Forever Passive Income Dividends Made Easy.

Protected by the blockchain, theft-proof, audited, with a strong community.

Your Ethereum is safely stored in a vault on the blockchain for which only you have the code.

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Earning Dividends

Earning Dividends

Unlike passive income investments that promise you 1% per day, at FO Capital the daily percentage gain fluctuates. Income is generated when investors buy, sell, or transfer FO Tokens. The fee to buy FO Tokens is 20%, you will see this deducted as soon as you deposit, 10% is distributed immediately to all investors including you, when you sell, the other 10% is released to all remaining investors. This process and the handling of all funds including the distribution of all Ethereum is completely managed by the immutable smart contract.

Depositing Ethereum

How Much Can I Earn by Depositing Ethereum?

You can earn Ethereum passively in three ways. The dividends that are generated as people buy and sell FO Tokens, as Ethereum is deposited into the contract the value of each FO Tokens increases, so your initial deposit can be worth even more than you deposited. Some experts say the Ethereum price is expected to outpace the growth of Bitcoin, since the contract pays you in Ethereum everything you earn can be worth more and more!


Is my Ethereum Safe?

Your Ethereum is as safe as it would be in your own Coinbase or Hardware wallet because it is literally on the blockchain. Not only can you withdraw your dividends at any time you also have the opportunity to reinvest your dividends for future growth. Your funds are never locked up, you can withdraw dividends and can cash out all or part of your FO Tokens at any time, at your own free will. The smart contract is programmed to do certain functions, like allowing you to withdraw or walk away with your Ethereum at any time.

Unlike any other passive crypto platform no one can ever change the rules or lock you out, as the contract operates with AI intelligence and can never be stopped by anyone, including any government or even its creator.